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REFERENCE for Consultation and Business Development was established in 2003 and provides services in business development, consultations and trainings. Knowing that Human Resources are the Prime Investment in every corporate, Reference has organized 15 HR Conferences with more

than 350 attendants per conference in the MENA Region to raise awareness about Human competence, build greater relationships with HR experts and share experiences. Reference felt the need for change and has decided to organize their 16th HR Conference under the title:

“Finger Print of Change”

REFERENCE is a trusted partner that has been running events since 2003. Our senior management team who have years of experience in HR events and have designed and created a hybrid model that is orchestrated to engage exceptionally excellent events and to drive great learning and knowledge sharing content to inspire senior HR Professionals across all industry sectors.

We offer our partners a platform to be part of this conference to host round tables, thought leadership sessions and one to one networking opportunities.

We produce a five days conference that attracts and engages with Leading HR Professionals to provide a platform to have peer on peer discussions, share best practices and to generate tangible key takeaways.

“REFERENCE for Consultation and Business Development . always striving to create a powerful fusion of speakers' experiences with the participants”.


Our delegates attending the conference are all Senior HR Professionals and Directors within the HR space from various industry sectors that are all decision makers and budget holders. Our conference enables and guarantees a platform to engage and network with these senior HR professionals that are attending the conference with active challenges.

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Why the Finger Print of Change will be in ISTANBUL?

Famously straddling two continents, Istanbul has long been a center for trade and commerce. Here are just a few of the compelling reasons to choose Istanbul for our conference.

Its art, culture and cuisine might make Istanbul a reliable favorite among tourists, but this city is increasingly becoming recognized for its economic outlook and business-friendly facilities.

In a report from accounting giant KPMG, Istanbul ranked in the top 25 most attractive cities worldwide for prospective businesses, and came in 25th on AT Kearney's Global Cities Index. What's more, Istanbul’s MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) sector placed 23rd in the 2017 International Congress and Convention Association rankings, based on the number of international association meetings hosted in the city and especially it has a good position in the most attractive cities in the field of human resources.

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Conference Highlights

  • HR Strategy: the metrics of the strategic player and their impact on Corporate Success.
  • Enabling the Organization: Attracting, hiring, Developing and Retaining the most fit Employees.
  • Employees` investment: Revolutionizing the learning and development intervention.
  • Catalyst techniques: Motivating and Rewarding Employees.
  • Roadmap of change: Anticipating & Managing Change.
  • HR Risks Forecasting.
  • From Bricks & Mortar to Click & Portal: HR activities; HR Audit & HR Reporting.
  • HR Expertise Center; answering employees’ questions.

Target audience

Human resources managers and senior professionals, specialists, team leaders, and business partners in the function who seek to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills in the key functions of HR as well as those who are responsible for evaluating HR and its effectiveness in the organization. This conference is also suitable for those employees who are targeted for development or promotion within the HR function.

Sectors audience

FingerPrint of Change targets all organizations which focused in HR capitalization to make their finger prints of change in different Business sectors.

Countries audience

FingerPrint of Change targets all countries want to make their finger prints of change in the field of Human resources.

Conference GOALS

Participants will:

  • Research the true finger print of HR in the change and development of organizations.
  • Invest in Reference` professional relation networks to find the best solutions and implement the finger print of change.
  • Have the opportunity to meet and listen to HR Gurus (theoretical and hands on).
  • Discuss modern experiments through conferences sessions.
  • Practice the effective methodologies and tools of HR through workshops and round tables.
  • Benefit from the best practices in the HR field from HR practitioner experts.
  • From Bricks & Mortar to Click & Portal: HR activities; HR Audit & HR Reporting.
  • HR Expertise Center; answering employees’ questions.
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‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way’------John C. Maxwell

Conference Modules:

In each module, we will present qualified working papers that discus in professional manner every topic.

Module 1: Inside out leaders and integrating 4D Navigation In this module, we will discuss the Leadership from the Inside Out as an integrated coaching experience that helps leaders understand how to harness their unique influence and elevate their impact as individuals, with teams, and in organizations. For everyone from CEOs to emerging leaders, this long-awaited third edition advances the art and science of leadership, which makes this module even more relevant today than others.

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Module 2: Discovering Fit employees internally and externally to maximize strategic goals In this module, we will discuss the familiarity of human side of business and its evolution. The resource-based view supporting the human resource planning can be a major source of competitiveness for the organization. It can be only achieved if human resource planning is consistent with both organizational objectives which we name internal fit and it must be flexible in nature so that through different human resource activities it can build up capabilities so that the organization will be able to respond quickly to the external environment named external fit.

Module 3: KPI’s metrics is the Roadmap to achieve organizational improvement In this module, we will discuss the KPI and performance measurement development as a discipline that involves articulating what an organization is trying to accomplish and then identifying the most meaningful and useful indicators of success. Simply selecting standard measures from a long list of possible measures is not effective. Performance measures, or KPIs, are a key part of any strategic management system, as they are critical to assessing the effectiveness of strategy implementation. KPIs also help with analysis of the gap between actual and targeted performance, and with measurement of organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Module 4: The True Challenge of an HR is the Bowl of Talent In this module, we will discuss the Talent acquisition as the process of finding and acquiring skilled human labor for organizational needs and to meet any labor requirement. When used in the context of the recruiting and HR profession, talent acquisition usually refers to the talent acquisition department or team within the Human Resources department. The talent acquisition team within a company is responsible for finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill roles that are required to meet company goals and fill project requirements.

Module 5: ADDIE: The best tools in investing in Human Resources In this module, we will discuss the ADDIE Model (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation). The ADDIE approach provides a systematic process for the determination of training needs, the design and development of training programs and materials, implementation of the program, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training.

Module 6: HR Association role in improving HR profession In this module, we will discuss the most successful organization’s experiences in HR: Success Stories.